Free soft pretzel on National Pretzel Day April 26th

Get a free pretzel at Pretzel Time in honor of National Pretzel Day.  Wow…it seems like there’s a day for everything!

Click on the photo above to find a location near you.

They want you to “sing for your supper”…or your pretzel rather…but if you’re too shy to sing, just mention National Pretzel Day and a free pretzel is yours!

We missed free day at Auntie Anne’s earlier this year, so we’ll have to try to make it out for this.

…and while we’re on the subject of pretzels, who here has been to Solvang in Southern California?  They have THE BEST pretzels anywhere there, and they serve them with real soft cheddar cheese…mmmm…delicious!  Oh and if you do go there, be sure to stop in Buellton at Andersen’s for the split pea soup!  OK…now I’m hungry!  haha


One thought on “Free soft pretzel on National Pretzel Day April 26th

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