Safeway coupon book

Another coupon book…this one’s called “Simple, Affordable Seafood Meals” and I found it up on the fresh seafood counter.

Coupons inside are:

  • 20% off all Waterfront Bistro items in a single transaction
  • 50 cents off Safeway Select Artisan French Bread
  • $1 off any Safeway Select Refrigerated Pasta and Sauces
  • $1 off any Eating Right Salad

Now go forth and eat healthy!


One thought on “Safeway coupon book

  1. …that Waterfront Bistro stuff is really good and it’s a good idea for them to introduce it to people this way. I really appreciate them for making lots of seafood available for heavy discounts or for free.

    We’re enjoying a lot of that at The Mothership.

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