Free books!

Today I was at one of my favorite bread bakeries, Wild Flour Bread in Freestone, CA.  No deals to be had there, but I highly recommend you go there if you are in the area, and try the Green Goat bread (made with green onions and goat cheese) or the Fougasse (potato bread with rosemary, garlic and cheese) or pretty much anything they make there because it’s all INCREDIBLE.   Also the staff there is super friendly and they happily give out samples of everything so you can taste before you buy.  Great place.

Anyway, while I was there I noticed this sign:

…who knew they even had a bookmobile anymore?  They had all kinds of books completely free!  You can check out a schedule of where they’ll be in upcoming weeks here:  Sonoma County Bookmobile.  And if you have excess books that you want to donate you can do that too…pass them along and let somebody else enjoy them!


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