Pure & Natural products at Rite Aid

Pure & Natural products are on BOGO sale this week  ($4.99/one) at Rite Aid AND there is a $2.00 off one coupon at Coupons.com under “personal care”.  So if you buy two and use 2 coupons that would make them only 49¢ each.

I have to confess I’ve always been a bit shy about using 2 coupons on BOGO sales, but I recently read a post explaining why it’s REALLY OKAY, because you actually are buying two in a sense so…I’m gonna buck up and go give it a try today.  Although Rite Aid is not my favorite store, this is a good deal, so it’s worth a stop in there, and I can always use some nice hand soap…we seem to go through alot of it around here!

Thanks Abundant Food Savings

Update:  I chose the Rosemary Mint hand soap (mmm smells good!), and I had no problem whatsoever using 2 coupons, and the price was only $4.69 at my store, so I got them for only 35 cents each–SCORE!


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