Earth Day Recycling

It’s Earth Day today, so I thought it would be a good day to take in my recycling.

Do you have curbside recycling where you live?  We do, and we used to put it all out for them to take, until one day I realized…that’s quite a bit of money I’m leaving out there on my curb!  MY money that I paid as a “deposit” at the store when I purchased those items.  So I started saving all my cans & bottles in my garage and taking them in to the recycling center myself.  It doesn’t take up a whole lot of room.  I started out using cardboard boxes, but with bottles it can get kinda heavy, so I found brown grocery bags are easier for me to manage.  I simply toss the stuff into the bags, sorted as my center requests—brown glass, clear glass, other (green mostly) glass, aluminum cans and plastic.  It’s easy!  There are recycling centers all around.  If you live in California, you can find your nearest one here:  Nexcycle.  I generally get back about $20 each time I take them in.

Today I got $19.60 and I’m going to use it to take my Mom out to lunch with the BOGO coupon I got in my email from Fresh Choice.  Sign up for the Fresh Connection email club and you’ll get these too!


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