Spring cleaning

I’ve been very inspired to do some Spring cleaning, so we’re off today to rent a Rug Doctor to shampoo our carpet.  It’s alot of work, but SO satisfying to walk into the room and smell that fresh scent of newly cleaned carpet!  Luckily we only have carpeting in one room (the other rooms have hardwood floors)…but it’ll still be a big job.  One of these days we’ll purchase a home shampooer so we can do it even more often (I’m always appalled at what the water looks like when you dump it after shampooing!), but until then, the rental machines do a fine job.

Be sure to check the website for coupons before you do.  Go to the  “Find a Rental Location” page and there is also a Coupon Locator.  Put in your zip code and see what comes up.  We got one for $4 off the shampoo you need to put in the machine.  It’s something!!


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