Penzey’s Spices

Have you ever tried Penzey’s spices?  I actually haven’t had a chance to yet, but I look forward to it!  I ordered their catalog and on the very first one we received it had a coupon on the front for a FREE bottle of Cajun spice!  Unfortunately I lagged and never made it over to the store to redeem it before it expired.  But then the very next catalog had a $5 off a $10 purchase coupon on it which I’ve been holding on to.  Then yesterday my newest catalog arrived with a coupon for FREE BBQ grilling spices!  I think I like this company!   Also, their catalog is so fun to get…it’s like getting a magazine! It’s full of recipes and photos and stories about real people who use their products.

Sign up to get Penzey’s catalog here and you can enjoy these benefits too!  …and if you do, let me know what delicious things you made with your spices!  (and if there’s no store near you, the coupons work with the mail order catalog too)


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