Hey locals, get your Mom!

If you live in Sonoma County, certainly you’ve been to the best….really the ONLY place around for amazing, delicious, homemade ice cream!  I took my Mom there today, and found out they are giving a FREE ONE SCOOP SUNDAE to all Moms.  My mom had fresh apricot ice cream with hot fudge and she was very happy!  In fact there were many happy Moms there indulging in the goodness.

If you’ve never been there…why not??…but now here’s your excuse!  If you’ve been there, you know what I’m talking about and you’re probably not even still reading…you’ve probably already grabbed your mom and your car keys!  It’s not too late, they’re open well into the evening.

Oh and by the way…I highly recommend the Black and White, which is really just a chocolate soda with your choice of ice cream.  I had Oreo Mint and it was DELICIOUS.


One thought on “Hey locals, get your Mom!

  1. Screaming Mimi’s is the absolute best! I love their unusual flavors like rose and lavender. If my mom lived around here I would certainly loved to have taken her for a free Sunday – yum.

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