Cheap and cheerful solution to your boo-boos!

Is it just me, or do other people have an aversion to bandaids because of their smell?  Ugh.  Well since I don’t love bandaids, but do sometimes have to use one, I always buy kids’ bandaids with cartoons on them so at least they are fun and cheerful, not ugly like regular “flesh” colored bandages.  I notice even though most other “grownups” don’t use kiddie bandages, they always smile when they see mine!  So…if you have kids, or just like cartoon bandages like me, now’s your chance to get some on the cheap!

Target has Nexcare Bandages for $1.77
They also have a printable 50¢ coupon on their site right now.
Stack that with the $1.00 Nexcare coupon at (look under Personal Care)

Your total will be only 27¢ for each box (you can print 2 of each coupon if you want to buy two)

For those who are new to couponing, some stores (including Target) allow you to use one store coupon and one manufacturer coupon on the same item.  This is called “stacking”.  Also, to get the best deals, don’t wait until you are completely out of something and have to pay full price for an item you need, buy stuff when there’s a really good deal (like this one) and then you’ll have it in your cupboard when you need it and won’t have to pay more that you should!

Thanks The Frugal Find

Mmmm S’mores!!

Check it out….Raley’s has an amazing coupon on their website right now!

You get a box of Honey Maid Graham Crackers, a bag of Kraft Marshmallows and a 6-pack of Hershey’s Milk Chocolate bars, all for only 99¢!!   Yes, you saw that right….ALL FOR ONLY NINETY-NINE CENTS!!!!

Click on the store logo above to get your coupon.  Be sure to print it before you go,  because these are NOT available at the store.  You’ll need to sign up to be able to print it, but you’ll want to be signed up anyway, as they regularly offer good coupons online.  I have a separate email address I use to sign up for this kind of stuff so the promotional emails don’t clutter up my regular email box.

And be sure to think about the Coupon Boss when you’re licking gooey marshmallow off your fingers at your next barbeque! (and send photos!)

Thanks The Frugal Find!

Dishwasher Rinse Aid

I have three Safeway store coupons each good for a FREE bottle of Bright Green Automatic Dishwasher Rinse Aid.   (Exp 7/22/2010)  It sounds like pretty good stuff…it’s dye and fragrance free and phosphate free.  Just one problem…

I don’t use Dishwasher Rinse Aid!!!

I would like to give these coupons away to my readers.

I will mail one coupon each to the first 3 people to leave a comment on this post.  Also if there are any other coupons you are looking for, let me know and if I have any spares I’ll toss those in the envelope too.

Happy shopping!

Free reusable tote bag

Earthbound Farms really wants to send you a free reusable tote bag (with a coupons inside!)   Go to their website and look in the upper right hand corner for your opportunity to receive one.  Previously they were allowing people to sign up only every so often, but it seems it is available more often now…

Penzey’s Spices

Have you ever tried Penzey’s spices?  I actually haven’t had a chance to yet, but I look forward to it!  I ordered their catalog and on the very first one we received it had a coupon on the front for a FREE bottle of Cajun spice!  Unfortunately I lagged and never made it over to the store to redeem it before it expired.  But then the very next catalog had a $5 off a $10 purchase coupon on it which I’ve been holding on to.  Then yesterday my newest catalog arrived with a coupon for FREE BBQ grilling spices!  I think I like this company!   Also, their catalog is so fun to get…it’s like getting a magazine! It’s full of recipes and photos and stories about real people who use their products.

Sign up to get Penzey’s catalog here and you can enjoy these benefits too!  …and if you do, let me know what delicious things you made with your spices!  (and if there’s no store near you, the coupons work with the mail order catalog too)

Sunday shopping trip

Not too bad!  I went shopping yesterday, and I bought all the stuff you see here for a total of $3.89!

Here are the details:


Pepperidge Farms cookies—Sale price $2.99—Used $1 off coupon= $1.99  (I only had one coupon, but it would be cheaper if you have two as the sale price is 2/$5.00)

Stayfree pads—Sale price $2.99–Used $1 off coupon–Received $3.00 Register Reward=FREE plus overage

Nestle candy bars–In-ad coupon price 39¢ each

Softsoap Liquid Hand Soap–$3.29–With In-ad coupon 99¢ each

I also paid with two $2.50 RR from the U by Kotex deal, so my total here with tax was only $3.67 (Savings=$17.10)

In between stores I stopped off at McDonalds and got a Large Fries and Dasani bottled water for free thanks to a certificate I had from Finney’s Friday Free Stuff.  (I won’t eat a whole large fries by myself, so I took them home and shared them and ate the rest of my lunch from home.)


Ocean Spray cranberry juice–Sale price 2/$5.00 (plus bottle deposit 10¢ ea)

Wheat Thins–Sale price $1.00 each–Used two $1 off  coupons from Facebook=FREE

FIg Newtons–Sale price $1.00 each–Used two $1.00 off coupons from Facebook=FREE

I paid with 3 Extra Care Bucks certificates from previous offers–totaling $4.98

My total out of pocket here was 22¢ (Savings $15.52)

Unfortunately I forgot to bring my shopping bag with the CVS bag tag on it, so I missed out on my 25¢ towards future ECBs.  Still all in all it was a good shopping trip.

Spring cleaning

I’ve been very inspired to do some Spring cleaning, so we’re off today to rent a Rug Doctor to shampoo our carpet.  It’s alot of work, but SO satisfying to walk into the room and smell that fresh scent of newly cleaned carpet!  Luckily we only have carpeting in one room (the other rooms have hardwood floors)…but it’ll still be a big job.  One of these days we’ll purchase a home shampooer so we can do it even more often (I’m always appalled at what the water looks like when you dump it after shampooing!), but until then, the rental machines do a fine job.

Be sure to check the website for coupons before you do.  Go to the  “Find a Rental Location” page and there is also a Coupon Locator.  Put in your zip code and see what comes up.  We got one for $4 off the shampoo you need to put in the machine.  It’s something!!