Dog Food/Treats giveaways

Wow…there is an online dog food delivery company called Mr Chewy that is having tons of giveaways all over the blogosphere! I know alot of you out there are pet lovers, so I thought I’d compile some links to the giveaways here. If they don’t carry your dog food, you can always indulge in some treats! (oh yeah…they have cat stuff too!)

Cat Tipper $50 GC ends 1/13

The Mama Report $50 GC ends 1/14

The Freebie Junkie $50 GC ends 1/16 ??

Lindsay Blogs $50 GC ends 1/17

Family Focus Blog $25 GC ends 1/19

Flip Out Mama $25GC ends 1/20

Shaggy Dog Stories $25 GC ends 1/21

Double Duty Mommy $25 GC ends 1/21

Planet Weidknecht $25 GC ends 1/21

The Musketeers $50 GC ends 1/22

Baby Dickey’s Giveaways $50 GC ends 1/23

The Chickenista Reviews $50 GC ends 1/23 ??

Irresistible Pets $25 GC ends 1/24

The Life of Rylie $25 GC ends 1/24

Horseshoes $50 GC ends 1/24

Making Time for Mom $50 GC ends 1/27

McKinney Mommas $50GC ends 1/27

Turning the Clock Back $25 GC ends 1/27

Fun Saving Money $25 GC ends 1/28

Sweeps for Bloggers $25 GC ends 1/28

Gardening with Wyatt $50 GC ends 1/31

Simply Budgeted $25 GC ends 1/31

Mommy’s Memorandum $50 GC ends 2/1

Keenly Kristin $25 GC ends 2/2

Thrifty Jinxy $25 GC ends 2/4

Two Classy Chics $25 GC ends 2/5

Just Married With Coupons $50 GC ends 2/5

The Road Unleashed $50 GC ends 2/6 (??)

Granny Loves Gift Baskets $50 GC ends 2/7

Frugality Is Free $50 GC ends 2/8

The Dancing Hot Dogs $25 GC ends 2/26

If I don’t win, I hope you do!!
Let me know…

Also, I’m sure there will be a bunch more giveaways being posted over the next while…if you see any, feel free to leave a comment here with a link. Thanks!

(I am in no way endorsing this company, I have in fact never ordered from them. You can read the reviews at each of these sites.)


Win a Hoover carpet cleaner!

I don’t know about you, but I have the desire to shampoo my carpet alot! But it’s such a pain to go down to the store, pay the money and lug home that big, heavy, awkward machine! I dream of just having my own so I can do it whenever I feel like. Now here’s a chance to do that!

Mom Spotted is giving one away! It looks amazing…it’s the Hoover MaxExtract 60 Pressure Pro. It retails for $229.99, but if you’re the lucky person, yours can be free!

Good luck….and if I don’t win, I hope you do!

First ever giveway from the Coupon Boss! McDonalds Mac Snack Wraps

So I’ve just started up this brand new blog, inspired by the bloggers I’ve been reading who have helped me save so much! (my favorites are Sarah at A Thrifty Mom and Julia at The Frugal Find).  I don’t yet have this blog anywhere close to the way I want it…it’s a work in progress…but I thought for a little inspiration it was time for a giveaway!

I will be giving away 2 free coupons for a free McDonalds Mac Snack Wrap to each of TWO randomly selected entries.

Here’s how to enter: leave a comment letting me know how you found this blog and tell me what is the best thing you ever got for free.  The best thing I’ve heard so far is my friend who got a very gently used VERY NICE refrigerator for free from someone on Craigslist!

I will pick two winners on April 15th.  I will announce the winners here, but be sure to leave your email address so I can contact you promptly as these expire at the end of the month so I’ll want to get them to you right away!

…and maybe (??)  you can use them on McDonalds free fry Fridays?   Every Friday in April at McDonald’s you can get a free small order of fries with any purchase (Northern California and Nevada only). Print your coupon here:  Free Fry Fridays.    (Thanks to Julia at The Frugal Find)      So I’m thinking…buy a soda and you have a whole meal on the cheap!

Welcome to The Coupon Boss…I hope we’ll have a lot of fun saving together!