In celebration of their 50th Anniversary, on Sunday, July 17th Wienerschnitzel with be offering their Original Chili, Kraut or Mustard Dog for only 61 cents!
(cheese is extra…no really!)

When I was a kid my aunt used to take me & my cousin there after swim class, so I’m feeling nostalgic…

Safeway savings

Do you shop at Safeway?
If so, certainly you have a Safeway card…
Are you signed up with their just 4 u program? If not, you really should be! They offer all sorts of coupons and discounts, and you simply go online and choose which ones you want and they are put directly on your card, so when you swipe it at the register they come right off. This is great for those of you that can’t be bothered to carry around coupons! You can also print up a list of all your choices so you can easily pick up the right items when you get to the store.

Also…they offer special savings that are called “personalized deals”. I took advantage of some of those today. Here’s what I got:

Pepperidge Farms Goldfish 6.6oz
Regular Price $2.69
Sale Price $1.67
Personalized Coupon $1.50
Final Price only 17¢ !!!

Sunburst Nature Sweet Tomatoes
Regular Price $4.99
Sale Price $3.00
J4U Personalized Price Only 99¢ !!

Free meal for students at Ikea

It seems Ikea is always feeding people for free or for at least very cheaply! Currently they have an offer for students. Now though July 2nd simply print our their coupon and bring it to Ikea with your student I.D. to get a free entree (value up to $6.99). They offer selections such as Swedish Meatballs, Salmon and Veggies, Buffalo Chicken Wraps, and Vegetarian Crepes. Wednesday night from 4pm to closing they have Baby Back Ribs with Cornbread! I have to say I’ve never eaten at Ikea, but these sound pretty good.

Not a student yourself? Send your hungry kid and that’s one night you don’t have to cook dinner!

Click here to go to Ikea’s homepage.
The link to the coupon is at the bottom on the left where it says “Hey Students!”

Great Pepsi Deal…..TOMORROW 6/15 ONLY

Check it out everyone!
Do you have a CVS card?
Hopefully the answer is yes….head over to CVS tomorrow and scan your card under the “magic” red coupon center machine and it will give you a coupon for a 12-pack of Pepsi for only 99 cents!!!   You can’t buy ONE individual Pepsi for that most places!

I’m going to have a very busy day tomorrow, but I’ll find time to squeeze in a visit to CVS because I don’t want to miss this one!

EDIT:  I’ve heard around the blogosphere this morning that this coupon is not printing for everyone.  It turns out it seems to only be available to customers who have had their email address attached to their CVS card.   YMMV

Free Doughnut!

Friday June 3rd is National Doughnut Day. They have a day for everything don’t they? lol

Anyway….stop by your local Krispy Kreme tomorrow and they’ll give you a FREE doughnut. No catch, no purchase necessary, and you get to pick out the flavor you want.