Great Pepsi Deal…..TOMORROW 6/15 ONLY

Check it out everyone!
Do you have a CVS card?
Hopefully the answer is yes….head over to CVS tomorrow and scan your card under the “magic” red coupon center machine and it will give you a coupon for a 12-pack of Pepsi for only 99 cents!!!   You can’t buy ONE individual Pepsi for that most places!

I’m going to have a very busy day tomorrow, but I’ll find time to squeeze in a visit to CVS because I don’t want to miss this one!

EDIT:  I’ve heard around the blogosphere this morning that this coupon is not printing for everyone.  It turns out it seems to only be available to customers who have had their email address attached to their CVS card.   YMMV


This post could save someone’s life!

Bayer Aspirin is on sale for $1.00 at CVS this week
Use the $1.00 off coupon here (you can print this twice)
= 2 bottles FREE!

(Ok well, you do have to pay tax…I paid 19¢)

I’m not a doctor and can’t give medical advice, but I have heard that if someone is having a heart attack and they chew an aspirin it could save their life!  So, even though I don’t often take aspirin, I always keep some around the house just in case!

Thanks Money Saving Mom