Free Ice Cream Sandwiches! (this Saturday March 1st)



Free tacos today at Taco Bell

For those of you that are living under a rock and haven’t heard, our boys~the San Francisco Giants~won the World Series! WOO HOO!

Taco Bell had promised if a base was stolen during the first few games, you could come to Taco Bell and “steal” a taco. Well…thanks to our amazing outfielder Angel Pagan who stole a base during game 2….FREE TACOS!

Head to your nearest Taco Bell today only between 2:00pm and 6:00pm and score a free Doritos taco.

…and if you’re in the area and not afraid of a big crowd, word has it that Angel himself will be serving up the tacos at the TB in Redwood City CA! (2693 El Camino Real) If you do, be sure to a post photo! :)